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Librarians offer techniques for research

Nick Zinovenko, Contributing Writer
February 5, 2015

“Be the Google Ninja,” “Crap Detection 101” and “Excel Basics” are three of many workshops offered by Owen Library staff for students, faculty and staff. These workshops, led by one of four librarians, are intended to improve research skills. The “Be the Google Ninja” workshop guides... Read more »

Students sled near log cabin


February 5, 2015

Six acts compete in a lip sync contest


Brooke Boyer, Copy Editor
January 29, 2015

The second annual lip sync competition hosted by WUPJ Radio club members occurred 9 p.m. Thursday in the Student Union’s Cambria Room. Junior Victoria Mercado, club president, was the event’s announcer. Club members provided attendees with walking tacos and fruit punch. Mercado said she  started... Read more »

Students wake early for morning meal

Eden Cohen, Managing Editor
January 29, 2015

College students may be notorious for long nights and drowsy mornings, but that does not prove true for all students. A surprising number wake early for breakfast at Pitt-Johnstown. Sophomore Stephanie White said she frequents the Varsity Café for breakfast weekday mornings. She said she goes at 9:30... Read more »

Russian dancers to perform Swan Lake

Peijia Zhang, Copy Editor
January 29, 2015

The ballet ‘Swan Lake’ is to be performed at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday by Russian dancers at Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center. “This is the classical interpretation of the most important ballet since 1875. This is unbelievable,” said Igor Levin, producer of The State Ballet Theatre of Russia. Music... Read more »

High book costs encourage thriftiness

Bookstore 2

Emily Colella, Staff Writer
January 20, 2015

According to the National Association of College Stores, the average college student spends about $655 per year on textbooks. The College Board estimates an annual cost of $1,168. With costs like that, for many students it is essential that students get the best possible deal on their textbooks.  Pitt-Johnstown... Read more »

Fair has few attendees but many tables

Activities Fair 1

Milana Ballard, Features Editor
January 20, 2015

Nearly all student organizations provided representatives for the Jan. 11 activities fair in the Student Unions Cambria Room. Sherri Rae, Student Life director, said out of the 40 tables set up for organizations, 38 were filled with representatives. Despite the high turnout of club representatives, students... Read more »

New Year’s resolutions set by students


Milana Ballard, Features Editor
January 20, 2015

Over 4,000 years ago, the New Year was celebrated in March during the vernal equinox. It eventually came to be celebrated on the first of January each year,. Different celebrations and traditions occur while ringing in the New Year such as eating pork and souerkraut and creating New Year’s resolutions. With... Read more »

Three paths shown for scholar studies

DSC_1157 web

Milana Ballard, Features Editor
November 19, 2014

To become involved in undergraduate research, students can be contacted by a professor to join a project, or students can directly contact a professor or division leader about starting their own project. A Pitt-Johnstown Symposium for the Promotion of Academic and Creative Enquiry and the Summer Program... Read more »

Students want sauna out, computers in

Kaitlin R. Greenockle, News Editor
November 19, 2014

532 polled students said they want a computer lab and printers installed in a second-floor Living and Learning Center space. The space is now occupied by an inoperable sauna that was closed down fall of 2013. Housing Director Mark Dougherty said he would look into it, but, if it is possible, and it requires... Read more »