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Wiser ones extend tips to newcomers

Peijia Zhang, Contributing Writer
September 16, 2014

Upperclassmen and faculty members shared some information with new students who look forward to assimilating into the Pitt-Johnstown community.  Mathematics Professor Linda Tully said one tactic to find numbered classrooms in Biddle Hall is to stand facing the flag. All the lower numbered classrooms... Read more »

Cat club menu altered

Kaitlin Greenockle, News Editor
September 16, 2014

Food for many college students is at the top of their priority list, especially food that they enjoy.  Late night snacks tend to be popular among students. However, many students have the expectation for fried and unhealthy food at such an hour. In past years, The Mountain Cat Club had been the optimal... Read more »

Photo Story – Rush Party

IMG_4963 web

September 16, 2014

Snarly cat repeatedly gets tail taps


Victoria Gratten, Contributing Writer
September 12, 2014

During Pitt-Johnstown’s move-in weekend, freshmen were led to the mountain cat statue as part of their orientation to pat the cat. In exchange for giving the mountain cat’s tail a tap, freshmen received a yellow and blue wristband, sporting the phrase “Pitt-Johnstown Mountain Cat Maniacs” to... Read more »

Students missing pets; pets miss them

Carley Bonk, Contributing Writer
September 12, 2014

Part of adjusting to campus life for some students is dealing with the absence of beloved pets.    Freshman Zach Kimball has experienced this firsthand.  “I kind of miss them,” Kimball said. “I used to run with my dogs, Scout and Allie.” Household pets are often deeply affected by the absence... Read more »

Commuter club’s efforts renews room

Kaitlin Greenockle, News Editor
September 12, 2014

Pitt-Johnstown commuter club leaders have renewed their efforts to resurrect the club with a Sept. 2 meeting that attracted about 15 students.  The club’s purpose is to help commuters get involved in campus life. Membership is not time-consuming with approximately 3 meetings a semester. To give commuters... Read more »

Luke Trotz wins Mr. UPJ competition

Amstrid Gomez, Features Editor
April 18, 2014

The annual Pitt-Johnstown Mr. UPJ competition may have been in a downsized venue, but the talent and spirit were as big as ever. The event took place last Thursday in the Cambria Room. Luke Trotz won the Mr. UPJ title and Spirit Award for raising the most money in “Penny Wars”. Alpha Gamma Delta... Read more »

Good weather allows classes outdoors

Moriah (2)

Bri Aultz, Copy Editor
April 18, 2014

As the wretched winter comes to an end at Pitt-Johnstown, snow and ice have melted away, and students and faculty have opportunities for outdoor learning. Assistant professor Marissa Landrigan holds writing classes outside when weather permits. This includes small group work, reading and writing about... Read more »

UPJ students to present research

April 9, 2014

Pitt-Johnstown students are to present research at a Symposium for the Promotion of Academic and Creative Enquiry Wednesday at the Living/Learning Center’s Heritage Hall. As part of the symposium, senior political science major Chadwick Dolgos is to present  a poster on the Exhibition of Works of... Read more »

Slow response speed stymies gamers

April 9, 2014

Since a week before Spring Break, video gamers encountered one of their greatest fears– in-game lag induced by poor Internet speed. Online games such as League of Legends, Smite and Minecraft would lag before disconnecting during gameplay, or not connect at all. Designers of League of Legends, a popular... Read more »