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Mr. UPJ can roll, sing and dance

kerrie krug

Amstrid Gomez, Copy Editor
April 3, 2013

Wobbling his way into the judges’ hearts, senior Brian Kriston won the Mr. UPJ pageant Thursday. “I didn’t expect it. I was overcome with joy,” said Kriston. “I don’t even know what to do right now. This is awesome.” Kriston was first approached by Kappa Zeta sisters to be his sponsor,... Read more »

Cancer to take a stomping at marathon

Eric Kieta, Staff Writer
April 3, 2013

Some Pitt-Johnstown students and a staff member are working together to organize an event to benefit children affected by cancer, according to Pitt-Johnstown Campus and Civic Engagement Director Shaun Hemphill. A dance marathon is scheduled to take place between noon and midnight Saturday, April 6 at... Read more »

Greeks gather in games and glory


Kylee Whistler, Copy Editor
March 26, 2013

Though the Pitt-Johnstown campus is far from the Mediterranean, it had plenty of Greek activity last week. March 18 marked the start of Greek Week, an annual competition among members of campus sororities and fraternities. With multiple events every day of the week, Sigma Tau Gamma associate member Kevin... Read more »

Students with children setting example

Brianne Fleming, Opinions Editor
March 26, 2013

Although balancing being both a college student and a parent may provide many challenges, two Pitt-Johnstown students said it is a rewarding way to set an example for their children. UPJ senior sociology major Paula Jones said she went back to school not only to benefit herself but her three kids as... Read more »

Campus guides introduce new arrivals


Kylie Truscello, Staff Writer
March 26, 2013

Every year, hundreds of prospective students visit UPJ and many decide to pursue their education at Pitt-Johnstown. Student Tour Guides and Admissions Representatives conduct one-hour campus tours for potential students each week. The guides try to be knowledgeable about housing, majors and faculty along... Read more »

$360,000 sought for Log Cabin overhaul

Miranda Huber, Contributing Writer
March 26, 2013

UPJ’s Log Cabin, behind the Wellness Center, was built in 1972 and has offered a stage for musicians like Joan Jett and The Police. Students used to attend events at the cabin, including the Mr. UPJ pageant, Winter Carnival and Christmas Dinner dances. It is the only campus building constructed exclusively... Read more »

Man finds friend in Gary the grouse


Brandon Zeris, Editor-in-Chief
March 6, 2013

Pitt-Johnstown Machine Shop Manager Bob Timulak met a peculiar companion in mid-October in the woods about a mile down the road from his Jennerstown area home. Bob considers him a friend who he calls Gary. His friend is about the size of a football. He’s quiet and has brown feathers, which makes him... Read more »

Ministries strengthen community, faith


Sean Sauro, Managing Editor
March 6, 2013

Mainstream media often depicts college students as booze-guzzling, mischief-making delinquents, but a number of Pitt-Johnstown student organizations are working to defy negative connotations. Pitt-Johnstown Campus Ministries, representing both Protestant and Catholic faiths, along with other campus religious... Read more »

Faculty dress code preference differs

John Richard (3)

Amstrid Gomez, Copy Editor
February 26, 2013

At Pitt-Johnstown, there is no formal dress code for professors or staff members, though most choose to wear business casual attire. Housing and Residence Life Administrative Assistant Karen Barrick said that she prefers to dress in  business casual clothing because she is not a dressy person. “I... Read more »

Microphone attracts UPJ band, crowd

Moriah (3)

Eric Kieta, Staff Writer
February 26, 2013

The beer was flowing, and the bar was packed Thursday night as many as 75 Pitt-Johnstown students gathered at the Windber Hotel to hear live music. Every Thursday, Windber Hotel managers welcome musicians to display their talents on stage during their open-microphone night, according to Windber Hotel... Read more »