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Gym regulars’ dedication gets notice

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor
January 25, 2012

Some UPJ students work out at the Wellness Center multiple times a day. They might be considered “gym rats.” Junior Lauren Ratkiewicz, who works out at the center throughout the week, said she thinks there are gym rats at the center. “They are usually the same people you see there all the time,”... Read more »

Student to navigate country for cancer aid

Brandon Zeris, Features Editor
January 25, 2012

Pitt-Johnstown Sophomore Luke Mitchell is to participate this summer in a nationwide bike ride to raise money to help cancer patients. There are three different groups Mitchell said. Each group of riders begins in Baltimore and concludes their journey in one of three destinations: Seattle, Portland,... Read more »

Semester housing vacancy near expected

Luis Torres, Staff Writer
January 25, 2012

According to Housing and Residence administrators, around 200 UPJ housing students canceled enrollment from the fall to the spring term due to graduation, transfer and withdrawal. This figure is higher than usual, although Residence Life director Mark Dougherty said that this is due to more graduations... Read more »

Pepsi loses its fizz for some customers

Andy Hsiao Chung, Staff Writer
January 25, 2012

It is growing late as biology major Shoja Rahimian shuffles toward a Pepsi vending machine. He is anxious and uncertain what to expect as he gouges his pockets for change. Every drop from the machine is a gamble, but a risk that Rahimian is willing to take. “Expired again,” Rahimian thought as he... Read more »

Olsavsky – Easy A?


January 25, 2012

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One campus cemetery documented, 3 unfound

Pat Gilles, Staff Writer
January 25, 2012

Unbeknownst to many UPJ students, their college has a family cemetery in its woods. This is a final resting place for members of the Baumgardener family dating from 1863 to the early 1900s. UPJ historian and Business Office employee George Hancock wrote a 1984 newspaper article regarding the Baumgardener... Read more »

Wall belay works legs, arms and backs

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor
January 25, 2012

Towering over elliptical machines, treadmills and weights, the 30-foot-high Wellness Center rock wall provides students with an adequate workout, according to Wellness Center employee Kaitlyne Krinock. “I always hear people say they find the rock wall a lot harder to do than they assumed it would be,”... Read more »

Surveys show where career success found


Matt Harkins, Staff Writer
January 17, 2012

The National Association of Colleges and Employers produces a job outlook every year for college students to see which employers will be hiring the most.  Also, the Pitt-Johnstown Career Services office employees do a survey of their own each year of the previous year’s graduates. In a yearly survey... Read more »

Editorial – Fresh start to begin a masterpiece

January 17, 2012

For most, college  is a melting pot of relationships, experiences and memories. The start of a new semester gives students a fresh start and a new canvas. Depending on the type of experience one wishes to paint, he or she may find subjects on campus. Although many complain about the climate and a region... Read more »

Diploma wait normal for UPJ’s grads


Keith Hartman, Copy Editor
January 17, 2012

In December, over 170 students were graduated from Pitt-Johnstown, and their diplomas already had been mailed last week. “We’re really very proud at how fast we get our diplomas off to graduates,” said Registrar Marilyn Alberter. “Whenever faculty from all the campuses get together, we (Pitt-Johnstown)... Read more »