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Freshman average grades up to 2.57

Ryan Brown, Managing Editor
January 17, 2012

Freshmen are getting better at Pitt-Johnstown, at least according to the numbers. Freshmen concluding the fall 2011 semester had an average GPA around 2.57 — nearly two-tenths of a point higher than fall 2010. Assistant Academic Affairs Vice President Paul Douglas Newman sent an e-mail to all Pitt-Johnstown’s... Read more »

Nonstudents pay to attend games


Nate Bottiger, Staff Writer
January 17, 2012

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is to continue charging noncampus spectators to wrestling matches and men’s and women’s basketball games. It costs $4 for adults and $2 for high school students and students from other universities. Pitt-Johnstown students do not have to pay to attend as... Read more »

College Democrats plan registration drive

Kelly Cernetich, Editor-in-Chief
January 17, 2012

National attention may be focused on upcoming Republican presidential primaries and caucuses, but Pitt-Johnstown’s College Democrats said they are hard at work, hoping to spark students’ interest in local politics. A “Get Out The Vote” voter registration drive was to have begun Tuesday at 10... Read more »

Despite reluctance, religion classes enlighten

Andy Hsiao Chung, Staff Writer
January 17, 2012

Light materialized in a classroom once again along with strident sounds of papers and books being hastily put away as a class was dismissed. Students shuffled out, many overwhelmed by what they had just absorbed and astounded by the instructor’s knowledge of their own religions. This class was History... Read more »

Enrollment does not identify winner

David Dunkleberger, Contributing Writer
January 17, 2012

The West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference was designed to keep small colleges and universities in the area away from competing unfairly against major universities. Each school’s enrollment number was gathered and place on a table. Schools were then placed in order by percent of females... Read more »

Olsavsky – New semester

1-13-2011 001

January 17, 2012

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Cafeteria to have an international flavor

D.J. Shoffstall, Copy Editor
January 17, 2012

Monday starts the week-long event for Around the World in 7 Days, where there will be a dish from another country at lunchtime in the Pitt-Johnstown cafeteria every day leading up to the international celebration Saturday. The celebration is to have international snacks, activities and games from 11:30... Read more »

UPJ gender balance mostly on the level

Kaitlyne Krinock, Contributing Writer
January 17, 2012

Student Enrollment numbers vary among colleges, but the male-to-female ratio within those figures can be noticeable. Pitt-Johnstown sophomore and business major Monica Drutch said there are noticeably more males than females in her class, which she said she views as a challenge. “Overall, it doesn’t... Read more »

Textbook rentals initiated

Pat Gilles, Staff Writer
January 17, 2012

UPJ students can find a new and more cost-effective way to  acquire textbooks. Two weeks before the fall semester, UPJ bookstore manager John Ziats organized a new system to rent textbooks. With such a late start, many students may not realize that renting is an option, including sophomore Shawn Scheponik,... Read more »

After Owen closes, some studiers migrate

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer
January 17, 2012

UPJ’s Owen Library provides students a place to converge and study, but other students have found other campus study niches that fulfill the needs for later study opportunities. During the day and into the evening, students looking for a place to study find refuge from distraction in Owen Library. This... Read more »